Mesh installation

Mesh installation is one of the main methods of securing rock slopes above road and rail infrastructure. Depending on the specifics of the terrain and the requirements of the client, safety nets with different strength characteristics are installed on two main technologies:

  • Mesh installation “curtain”- the net is fixed at the top of the slope by anchors and lowered freely along the slope. This method prevents the falling blocks inertia from gaining momentum and their chaotic fall on the ground.
  • Nail anchoring – this method allows the mesh to be clamped to the slope with anchors all over the area. The anchors are joined with steel ropes. This prevents the free fall of rock fragments as they are pressed against the rock. This method is with the highest degree of protection.

Aptera Ltd. uses different types of safety nets according to the characteristics of the terrain and the
client’s requirements. The company works with a double-stranded network, Deltax, Tecco, Spider. The
nail anchoring is carried out with a specialized drill rig for work at height.